^_^ July 28th, 2006 ^_^

  • On a completely personal note, Andy Marzano is going to be a father!  We are squeezing at least one show in before his life changes in so many ways.  Check the future shows page for more info about our August 12th show at the Matrix Coffeehouse!

  • I fixed some glitches on almost every page of the website.  Minor stuff that you won't even notice unless I missed something.  Just giving myself a pat on the back in digital form.  Most notably, I added 4 more bands to the links page, friends of ours who deserve your support.

  • I added lots of new images and mp3s from our May 29th show at the Matrix. What's really exciting is the addition of Quicktime movies on the images page!

  • We've been talking seriously about recording our next album "Lemonade Stand."  We've got a fantastic recording studio and sound engineer in Oregon, willing to do it, and now we just need to get some killer guest artists! This is the track list so far (in alphabetical order):

Bargaining Stage
The Drifter
Forget About It
Know Yourself
Nothing Is Everything
Sleep With Caution
Starry Night
Starring You
Used To

For booking or more information, e-mail: