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A Thousand Young Merchandise
Show your support for the band by buying the official
mug, mousepad, t-shirt, and more.

A Thousand Young on
Doesn't everybody have a myspace now?  For the unaware, at this site you can proclaim your fandom or listen to streaming music.

A Thousand Young on
Another mp3 site, which relies on reviewer's ratings and comments to give feedback and award record contracts.

A Thousand Young on Zebox
This site contains mp3s for download, and is, admittedly, pretty basic. Zebox is an Independent Artist Community.

Pterodactyl Studios
The studio where A Thousand Young's first CD, "Tough On A Sunday", was mixed and produced.
Or view his A Thousand Young page.

Matrix Coffeehouse
With 7 of AkY's shows at this venue, it's obvious we love to play there. See bands, eat their famous calzones, and enjoy the local art on their walls!

Esther's trying to do that "solo project" thing.  Vocals are rock solid as ever, but the guitar is a teensy bit "raw."  She puts her guts into it!

Terran Spiral
Cinematic electronic music, creating landscapes in your imagination. Created primarily by Robert Carpenter and Esther Mathison.

Dilated Sun
This band no longer exists, but when it did, Esther's vocals were at their most experimental, which deserves historical preservation!  The lyrics page is worth a look.

Abney Park
Surrender to the dark side of the force!  This Seattle band used to be synonymous with everything "Goth", but now they're a bunch of Victorian steam punk pirates roaming the earth in a stolen airship.

Lund Brothers
Andy is a super mega fan of this power pop duo from Tacoma, formerly known as "Loser."  You won't be able to shake them out of your head!

Alternative rock group from Tacoma just bursting on to the scene.  A great opportunity for any drummers out there looking for a new group to rock out with...

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